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Data security

Privacy Policy

You own Your data!

Your privacy and the security of your data comes first! will never finance itself through personal data, therefore we are limiting the data we are collecting to the absolute necessary to offer our services.

The data we are collecting will always be saved within the European Union, preferably within Germany 🇩🇪.

Separated data storage

We collect 3 different types of data: operational data, login data and payment data.

Operational data

This section contains data that is necessary to run the service. Our infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and located in Germany. Our internal databases contain no personal data to any user or organization. The templates files are stored encrypted on AWS S3.


We do not manage your credentials on our own. We trust on the service of one of the leading providers for authentication:

Your password and email address is stored in Germany with applied industry security standards.

Payment data

We are currently in beta and have not decided on a payment solution, yet. We will not store Your payment method data in our database.

Ethical and technical

Our Standards

No cookies

We do not use cookies! Therefore you won't find a cookie notice or banner on our page. No Google Analytics, no Facebook pixel.

No logging of personal data

Our logs are saved in Cloudwatch of AWS for 14 days. We do not log any sensitive data or personal data. We do not log any request data provided by you for filling the PDFs.

Data storage in Europe

We are based in Germany and we make sure that all your data at us or at our partners is stored in Europe, with a strong preference to Germany.