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Changes October 2022: NoCode & Beta HTML to PDF API

Dennis - 3rd of November


Bubble integration

We released an official Bubble plugin. It supports filling a pre-selected template and allows You to continue, to work with the resulting file, e.g. push it to Google Drive or attach it to an email message.
We are currently also working on our Zapier plugin, and are waiting approval for the official release.


We created a beta API that allows you to generate PDF documents from scratch. The API is listed on the RapidAPI market place and is free for up to 100 PDF generations per month. per month.

This is our effort to make a push of a whole suite of document utility tools. Stay tuned for a more elaborate version of the API integrated into


Handle a lot of template fields

Cell field capability for an employee id number

Handling a lot of fields in the template editor, was a difficult task, as you needed to remember where a certain field was. We added a list of fields, that allows you to directly select a certain field and jumps to the given page.

Changes September 2022: Introducing cells and fonts

Dennis - 1st of October


Cell support for SSN or IBAN fields

Cell field capability for an employee id number

A lot of forms have special cell fields for example social security numbers, IBANs, or dates. To support those fields, we added a feature to specify a field as containing cells. You can contain specify the number of cells and also an offset of where to start taking the value from. Then each cell will be filled with one char of the input.

In the picture above there are three text fields configured. The first with three cells and no offset. The second with two cells and an offset of three and the last with four cells and an offset of five. All fields listen on the same input data of `ssn` and the nine chars are equally distributed, as configured.


We added the support to configure different fonts, instead of only using the prior standard Helvetica. Newly added have been Times Roman and Courier. We will introduce more soon!

Changes August 2022: We are live!

Dennis - 3rd of September


Subscriptions are active! 🎉

We finalized the subscription process. You can now fully use doqs and fill out PDF templates without watermarks. Head over to our app to subscribe now.

New Image field

Gif showing how to use a image field with test data

(Rendering an image field in preview mode from the app.)

We added the support for rendering images to your PDF file. This could be helpful for e.g. integrating signatures images into documents, but keep in mind that this is not compliant with any eSignature laws like UETA, ESIGN, and eIDAS. The image must be provided in a base64 string and has various controls for anchoring the image within the chosen bounding box!. Checkout the documentation for more details


Improved loading speed for multi page PDF templates

We dramatically improved loading speed of PDF templates with 50+ pages. Prior to our update the loading times for many pages PDF pages were over 10 seconds. This has now been reduced to less than one second.

We like to hear your feedback!

From the dashboard of your templates you can directly chat with us! If you have any questions contact us directly. Additionally if you have a feature request you can directly add it to